The Beavers Trust Committee


Chairman: Larry Dann

Better known to many as Sgt Alec Peters from ITV’s The Bill, Larry is Chairman of the Supporters Trust and represents the Trust on the main Club Board. Larry claims that he is now being more selective about which roles he is prepared to take so Hollywood’s loss is Hampton’s gain!

Vice Chairman/Treasurer: Tony Nash

A life long supporter of more than forty years, Tony has previously served on the Club Committee, founded the first club website back in 1988, edited the match day programme and was an original founder of the Supporters Trust and also found time to write a history of the football club. Tony also represents the Trust on the main Club Board. Tony works for Barclays Bank in his spare time.


Commercial: Phil Weller

Phil is a founder member of the Trust. He manages the supply and selling of the programmes and sells most of the advertising space in the programmes. He represents the Trust/Club in the community through associations with local organisations such as the Hampton Village Traders Association and the Hampton Society.

Community: Russell Clark

Russell is well known in local youth football circles for his Saturday morning mini soccer school and as a manager for Hampton Youth FC. Russell has been a season ticket holder for over 10 years and began supporting Hampton in 1984. He is very keen to develop the links between club and community.

Community: Gill Wilson

Gill is a season ticket holder and has been a supporter since 1999. Gill helps at the Trust programme hut and helps with Golden Goal ticket sales on match days. She currently also looks after the Trust Twitter account and website. Gill is keen to increase Trust membership, encourage more spectators to come to matches, support links to local sponsors and businesses and help raise the profile of HRBFC in the local community.

Community: Simon Harper


Thanks also to Melissa Gillings who looks after the Trust membership renewals, Richard Bryenton who makes constant repairs to the Trust hut and Paul Robinson who sells programmes.

Constitution and Rules

Beavers Trust Constitution and Rules 2012