The Beavers Trust Committee

Who’s Who

(as elected in January 2018)

Chairman: Phil Weller

Phil has been the Commercial Manager since the inception of the Trust, and recently became the Trust Representative on the main Club Board

Vice Chairman: Gill Wilson

Gill is an existing Director and long term supporter. She brings business skills and an understanding of social media. She is also our current Golden Goal seller.

Treasurer: John Ormerod

John, a disillusioned Blackpool fan, has a background in finance, and has a keen interest in the financial management of football clubs. He has agreed to become our new Treasurer

Membership: Melissa Gillings

Melissa is the current Membership Secretary. A long term supporter and one of our volunteer turnstile staff.  She has a background in event management.

Director: Matt Glew

A banker by profession, Matt is one of our keenest supporters, and is looking to play a part in ensuring HRBFC remains the special club it is now.

Director: Tracey Hathaway

Tracey is familiar with many aspects of the Club. She is the Manager of the bar and clubhouse, and provides an unfailingly energetic and enthusiastic presence.

Secretary to the Trust: Paul Robinson

Constitution and Rules

SD New Rules 2019