Welcome to The Beavers Trust!

The Beavers Trust is a non-profit-making Supporters Trust, open to all fans of Hampton & Richmond Borough FC.

The Aims of the Trust:

  • To assist HRBFC through the donation of funds, items or time to specific projects agreed by the Trust Board.
  • To provide the supporters of HRBFC with a forum to discuss the activities of HRBFC and the opportunity collectively to influence the activities of HRBFC, through the Trust’s seats on the HRBFC Board.
  • To encourage the residents of Hampton and the Borough of Richmond to support their local football club by promoting the Club and the Trust in the community.
  • To forge links with other Supporters Trusts and to develop good relations with supporters of other football club.

How the Trust is organised:

  • The Trust is democratic – any member can stand for election to the Trust Board once a year.
  • The Trust is inclusive – anyone who cares about HRBFC can become a Trust member.
  • The Trust is transparent – the Trust holds an Annual General Meeting, open to all members, each year and publishes annual financial accounts.
  • There are currently 6 Directors on the Trust Board.