Welcome to The Beavers Trust!

The Beavers Trust is a non-profit-making Supporters Trust, open to all fans of Hampton & Richmond Borough FC.

The Aims of the Trust:

  • To assist HRBFC through the donation of funds, items or time to specific projects agreed by the Trust Board.
  • To provide the supporters of HRBFC with a forum to discuss the activities of HRBFC and the opportunity collectively to influence the activities of HRBFC, through the Trust’s seats on the HRBFC Board.
  • To encourage the residents of Hampton and the Borough of Richmond to support their local football club by promoting the Club and the Trust in the community.
  • To forge links with other Supporters Trusts and to develop good relations with supporters of other football club.

How the Trust is organised:

  • The Trust is democratic – any member can stand for election to the Trust Board once a year.
  • The Trust is inclusive – anyone who cares about HRBFC can become a Trust member.
  • The Trust is transparent – the Trust holds an Annual General Meeting, open to all members, each year and publishes annual financial accounts.
  • There are currently 7 Directors on the Trust Board.

How we’ve helped:

  • We have contributed over £100,000 to help the Club since our inception. This has been raised by donations, memberships, programme advertising and sales, Golden Goal sales, Boost the Budget scheme and fundraising events.
  • We spend money on essential items to preserve and improve the fabric of the Club, such as minibuses, fencing, lawn mowers, toilet block and club shop, defibrillator, laundry equipment, bar equipment. We have also contributed to pitch and floodlight improvements and provided funds to assist the Club in securing a new lease on the Beveree.

We are members of Supporters Direct.

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